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New Characters Activating Automatically !!!

by Tadi_R1

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New Characters Activating Automatically !!!

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Hi Guys,


I have a massive dilemma with characters activating automatically when obtained through Bronzium Data Cards.


I have been collecting Ally Points now for a year, and this Christmas I decided to use them all, roughly about 550K Ally Points.

As you would imagine, it took me couple of days to use them all up, I still have about 50K Ally Points left over, during this time I ended up with 11 new characters!!! Which is AWFUL! because I don't want any characters activated until I actually press ACTIVATE button and do it myself, when I am ready to add characters.


Some of my characters like TEEBO, I already had about 340 Shards saved but I was holding off with activation, it's just the way I play, managing my Galactic Power.

But now TEEBO is activated because I received that character in Bronzium Data Cards, and he got activated automatically, so now I have 392 shards and Teebo Active as Level 1.


So my problem is that Characters are activating automatically  through Bronzium Data Cards. When you get single SHard, it's ok, the Shard just gets added to your total, but when you actually get the Character, it activates automatically, you don't have a say whether you want that character active now or not, this is a serious problem.


Here are the Characters that I DO NOT want activated, I just want the shards saved for later time, I already have 34 characters that blink ACTIVATE in my inventory, some have 330+ Shards so that when I decide to activate them, I'll be able to get them to 7* right away.














I would really appreciate if staff at EA would deactivate those characters for me, I really should have control over which characters I want Active and by having the game activate them automatically really hinders the game experience, especially since total Galactic Power does have huge effect on game play.


I would like to maintain the shards for each of these characters because as you can see, some like Teebo, I have been collecting shards for a long time, I just didn't want him activated yet.


Please help me out with this issue, today is day #1 of my Christmas holidays and I was really hoping to enjoy it playing my game, but having those characters active really bothers me and I just can't get back into playing and actually enjoying it.


If you need any data or information from me in order to be able to assist me quicker, please don't hesitate to contact me.


MY ALLY CODE: 654-827-539


Thank you & Merry Christmas to all !!!



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Re: New Characters Activating Automatically !!!

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It hapend to me too now just for the 1st time and it surprised me that it activated automatically. I talk about Ima gundi. Never happened before. Even when I started to play and had more chance to open heros from PACs the game always asked me to activate it manually. Btw it bothers me becouse I dont want jedis in my roster at least now, and for shur not ima gun di

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