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Re: Need help recoving a removed account.

by TheyCallMePro

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Need help recoving a removed account.

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So I'm posting this for a very good friend of mine. He has had problems accessing his account for over 2 weeks now. He has tried EA help and they have been unable to give him any sort of resolution. We have both done some very extensive research around the problem and the only solutions I've seen have come from this forum so I am attempting to get help for him here. I guess the EA support doesn't have the same support/technicians that are able to do what can be done or forwarded to from here.


The problem in a nutshell is the same as this old post: 

Most recent case # that explains everything:


old case numbers 61408442, 61412525

 The tech who helped him said to contact them back later due to him being unable to help him at that time.


Solution: He made a new account for both Android and IOS to try and port his old account over to his new one. I have both player ID's for both new accounts for IOS and Android. From my understanding though he can only port Android to IOS or IOS to Android. So the new IOS player ID is included in the above case number. I have both player IDs if needed either way. If you need to contact only him because he is the owner of the account I understand. He has just gotten to the point where he has exhausted his options and tired of dealing with EA help that is unable to give him resolution, so I am his last resort before he stops playing. Him and another friend of ours have been playing the game for 4+ years and would like to continue the tradition if possible.


Please forward this to the right people who might actually be able to help him. Otherwise he might not ever be able to play again since he doesn't want to restart especially when he was so close to unlocking Malak. You can contact me or you can contact him with the information provided in the case number. Would really make things easier after almost 3 weeks of not being able to access his account.


If you need more info let me know. If proof of ownership or player ID's are required I can also provide those. But figured they would be in the case #s as well.

Thank you!

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Re: Need help recoving a removed account.

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I see other topics have been responded to since last Friday, but not mine.


Any chance of at least getting a response that the ticket is prioritized under the right area/help center where it might get resolved? I know it is hard to get an ETA, but I'd like to at least inform my friend/guild that someone hopefully will at least try to resolve the problem. His problem as I mentioned above is that no one seems to be technical enough in the game to solve the problem for him yet, in regards to those who have tried helping him.


Thank you.

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Re: Need help recoving a removed account.

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Thanks in advance.

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