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Need help optimizing Andromeda

by MajorHorus

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Need help optimizing Andromeda

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Hey guys, 
I have an issue when optimizing Mass Effect: Andromeda on my laptop. I checked if my specs are ok and my only issue is the fact that I have only 8 RAM.
I have a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and my Processor is an Intel Core I7-7700 HQ.
I used GeForce Experience to optimize it at first, but combat gets a little laggy and I get random sound cuts when shooting and some sounds in the background disappear when characters are talking.
I turned everything to medium and now when I go to skills, characters are comepletely black, and also... when I go to SAM Node or when I'm in the tram, everything is black. When I accesed Alec's first memory, only Scott's mom appeared after Alec's conversation...
Do you have any advice ?
Thank you in advance !

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Re: Need help optimizing Andromeda


Make sure the game is actually running on the Nvidia GPU. Origin has the bad habit of launching games on integrated graphics if you're playing on a laptop. The option to force the GPU should be in the Nvidia control panel under 'manage 3D settings'.


8GB RAM is plenty in this game and your CPU is fine. I think the GPU is the bottleneck.


LowSpecGamer makes good guides on how to get the most out of a game, including config tweaks. Check out his MEA video here:

I don't work for EA.

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Re: Need help optimizing Andromeda

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It was set to "Use global setting (Auto-Select : Nvidia GPU)" and I switched it to "High-performence Nvidia processor" and literally nothing changed... still having issues with sounding during combat and that my characters are black in the skill menu... as well as some items in the inventory... and I can't understand why...

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Re: Need help optimizing Andromeda


Have you already tried repairing the game? You can find the option by right clicking in in the origin library.


Another thing you can try is forcing the game to reset game settings by removing (and optionally backing up) the file 'ProfOpts_profile'. This can be found under Documents - BioWare - Mass Effect Andromeda - Save.


Do you have mods installed?


Posting a dxdiag file might help:


Finally, could you post a screenshot of the glitch where everything turns black?

I don't work for EA.

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Re: Need help optimizing Andromeda

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Hey, thank you again for your answer. I tried repairing the game, it's the same. I'll try the second suggestion soon. I also tried the low spec thing and it didn't work out aswell.
I'd really like to enjoy the game I bought, I was told my laptop works just fine, but I can't manage to make it work...

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