Need for Speed™ Unbound - Known Issues

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Need for Speed™ Unbound - Known Issues

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Greetings, Lane Changers! 

We're building out this list to update you on Known Issues we're tracking for NFS Unbound. Where workarounds are available, we'll list them here. 
Please note: This is not a be-all-end-all definitive list, but as we collect issues, triage them with the team, and confirm, we'll update. And as we get them fixed, we'll remove them from the list. 

How do I report a bug or issue?


  • Check the Known Issues list below just in case we are already tracking it, while this list may not be the definitive full list, we will keep it updated.
  • If the issue isn't reported below, please visit our NFS Unbound Bug Section to report it. If you've experienced an account-related issue, please get in touch with us via EA Help.

Note: we will continue updating this thread so you know where to go in case you come across an issue. 



Flashing/Blinking Display - High End PCs

We've seen reports of Flashing/Blinking Display issues with folks on high-end PCs (Nvidia RTX 40-series). After testing, we've found a solution is to upgrade the motherboard BIOS. Please refer to your motherboard manufacturer’s support page to obtain the latest system BIOS.


If you continue to experience this issue - please report this via the Bug Reports section with     details about your system (CPU, make/model of your graphics card, driver dates, video card bios/firmware.


Previously, the fix was incorrectly listed as a graphics card VBIOS update.




PS5 Dualsense Controllers on PC

We're tracking an issue with PS5 Dualsense Controllers on PC.


We currently do not have an official fix, but have noted players using the DS4Windows tool have found a workaround.


Please note: this is a 3rd party tool and not officially supported. Please ensure you read all documentation for the DS4Windows tool before proceeding.
(You may have to disable DS4Windows after playing to avoid any unanticipated conflicts with other programs.)




Item Synchronization Issue

We tracked an issue with item desynchronization affect some NFS Unbound players. After investigation, we've resolved the desync issue and this should not be affecting any players.




Palace Upgrade Not Working


Working with partners at Valve, Epic, and our EA app, we've resolved an issue affecting players being able to purchase the Palace Upgrade.


EA Play Reward BMW M3 2006 Not Available


We’re tracking an issue with the rewarding of the BMW M3 2006 for EA Play subscribers on Steam. Our teams are diligently working to identify the cause of the issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

We will update this post here as information becomes available.




Do Not Delete Your Saved Game File


Your Save File contains both your Single player and Multiplayer Save Data.

Deleting your save data will permanently lose any progress you’ve made in both modes.



Missing Pre-Order Items (NFS Unbound Purchase via 3rd Party Retailer)

If you pre-ordered your copy of NFS Unbound from a 3rd party retailer (not digitally via Xbox, PlayStation, Epic, Steam, or EA), any codes for pre-order content should be on the receipt from the retailer or via email if ordered online. Please ensure you follow up with your retailer if you pre-ordered but did not receive your codes.

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