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contacted EA help ever since the PC update for the hunt event , iv been having this red indicator on top right . that never goes away at 1st I thought it was my connection. but every game I play has less than 20 ping. I play apex im lagging. disconnecting, rubberbanding , all over the place. ea told me it wasn't my connection as my ping from where I live (las vegas) was only 3ms from EA servers. and when I check what server im on it says Utah and the ping for me is only 44 ms , yet iv been playing since this update and its extremely laggy. a lot of people are also complaining on twitter about this. its unplayable. its like im playing at 15 fps, you guys really need to do something about this. ea themselves said it wasn't my connection . my drivers and software are all updates to newest version.. I reinstalled the game. and its just extremely unplayable . all my 19 games feel like they are in slow motion . switching weapons takes like 16 seconds to register. the little red symbol wont go away. and I know its not my connection as im hardwired with a gigabit of internet and most of my games are less than 20 ping yet I open apex and its just horrible.. 

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