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Re: NHL21 AI Scoring on own net/Computer Going back to its own Zone

by Haleyndada

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NHL21 AI Scoring on own net/Computer Going back to its own Zone

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Hello there,


Ive never had to do this so hope it helps. 


Thru several games, when the computer shoots on the rush, my goalie makes the save and my center comes flying down my own slot and he puts the rebound thats right in front of the goalie into my net creating a self scored goal. Ive lost numerous games because of this. 


When I manually change my strategies, the computer right before my own eyes switches them to what they want them to be. I have strategy changes on 0 for myself yet before a faceoff, or any time, the computer switches my strategy selection. This seems like the computer aligning its own strategy with mine. 


Finally, even when in the neutral zone, the computer will skate all the way back to its own zone and pass the puck to other players who also keep circling in their zone. Rather than trying to advance the puck, they are dancing around in their own zone even when losing. Its annoying and un-realistic as are the above mentioned problems. I try to make the most of this game despite all the constant criticism. 


Before I leave, why is it when the whole game goes 0-0 till maybe 8mins left in the third and you go up 1-0, the next faceoff the computer storms down within 10 secs and scores??? This was a big issue I had with NHL 20. If you scored, the computer scored. It ended up being who could score closest to the buzzer so there was no time left to score again. Again, un-realistic.... Please fix/address these issues please as Im sure im not the only one.


The lacrosse goal is so hard, and the bank hardly ever works, it hasn't made that much of an impact in the game.



Adam Krawczyk

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Re: NHL21 AI Scoring on own net/Computer Going back to its own Zone

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I forgot to mention this is on Xbox one during Franchise.

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