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NFS heat won't launch

by muscleboy9

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Re: NFS heat won't launch

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The biggest problem is, after oficial premier we stiill will be not able to play probably because what will change? nothing. And EA doesnt have any solutiion for that

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Re: NFS heat won't launch

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No, you can't play or launch NFS Heat with your setup.



OS: Windows 10
Processor (AMD): FX-6350 or Equivalent
Processor (Intel): Core i5-3570 or Equivalent
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics card (AMD): Radeon 7970/Radeon R9 280x or Equivalent
Graphics card (NVIDIA): GeForce GTX 760 or Equivalent
DirectX: 11 Compatible video card or equivalent
Online Connection Requirements: 320 KBPS or faster Internet connection
Hard-drive space: 50 GB


Your AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 is 10 years old, mini requirement is 7 years old CPU (FX-6350).


Your CPU do not have instructions like AES, AVX, FMA3, FMA4, F16C and has only SSE 4.0.

FX-6350 has AES, AVX, FMA3, FMA4, F16C and SSE 4.2.


If NFS Heat use one of the instructions that your CPU do not have, game will not run at all.


Same answer for soberr219 and his AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T.

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Re: NFS heat won't launch

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I ordered a new Cpu ( AMD ryzen 5 2600 with 6 cores ~ 3.6Ghz) new motherboard and 16gb ram (total worth order of 500€) arriving this evening.. I hope this will do the job...


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Re: NFS heat won't launch

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The phenom II x6 1055t is better then a fx 6350. I haven't read somewhere that your cpu needs to be 7 years old or less. Me phenom IIx6 1055t is overclocked and watercoold. Playing every new game like a champ.

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Re: NFS heat won't launch

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I also have the same problem, after I click play, a couple of sec later everything goes back to normal like I didnt even hit the play button. Also here's my dxdiag.

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Re: NFS heat won't launch

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No, the Phenom II X6 1055T is not better than the FX 6350, FX 6350 is like ~10-25% faster.


Phenom II X6 1055T was released in Q2 2010, FX 6350 in Q4 2013, the Phenom II lack of a lot instructions used by modern games.


You can't play NFS HEAT with an AMD Phenom II, like i said before, NFS Heat use instructions (see screenshot) that the Phenom II don't have.


This is why minimum requirement exist ^^


Number of cores or mhz are totaly useless => only instructions matter. (for launching the game at least, performance is another story)


I think that you can ask a refund if you are not able to play because you don't meet the minimum requirement. (Maybe devs can patch the game so it can be played with more cpu but it's very unlikely)

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Re: NFS heat won't launch

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Bull *. I have the same problem on the latest AMD Hardware released this year.

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Re: NFS heat won't launch

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@Sainst1 If you have the same problem with a ryzen 3XXX, you just have a software problem (os/drivers related or missing files).

But for everyone who has a Phenom II, NFS Heat will not run on theses CPU... (and it's confirmed by gamegpu)
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Re: NFS heat won't launch

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@GoforceReloaded I have a ryzen 3600 and rx 5700 xt
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After Clicking Play,Game does not open,it goes back to game page origin.

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updated GPU Driver,repaired the game, how to launch the game? i have

Win 10 Pro AMD Phenom ll X4  965  Processor 3.40 Ghz

16 GB RAM,100 GB free HD Space. GTX 750 Ti


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