NFS Unbound Item Sync Error 0013080F PS5

by JCMatthews99

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NFS Unbound Item Sync Error 0013080F PS5

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Item Synchronisation error code 0013080F preventing me from playing online or with friends - what do I do to fix this? 
Have already tried re-installing along with wi-fi, ethernet and hotspot connections

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Re: NFS Unbound Item Sync Error 0013080F PS5

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@JCMatthews99 Hi, it's a bit of a swing, but you may want to try the workaround in this thread:
This error isn't the same as the ones in that thread, but I believe they're related.
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Re: NFS Unbound Item Sync Error 0013080F PS5

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Hey David, that’s a workaround for PC - i can’t access game files on ps5. I’ve already tried re-downloading and that hasn’t worked. Any console solution anywhere? 

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Re: NFS Unbound Item Sync Error 0013080F PS5

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I'm having the same code pop up but I can play online and solo but I've lost almost all of my cars and money but it has kept my story progress.

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Re: NFS Unbound Item Sync Error 0013080F PS5

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I’ve lost all my pre-order bonuses and 100k in story mode when i deleted and re-installed. Quite annoyed about it all and EA Help said they can’t do anything about it.

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Error Code 0013080F/FTJR2008 on PS5

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I haven't been able to play online once since the game (Palace Edition) released. I get error 0013080F, "Item Synchronization Failed" when the game initially loads up, and error FTJR2008 when I click on Lakeshore Online. I've seen solutions for PC but nothing yet for PS5.

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Re: Error Code 0013080F/FTJR2008 on PS5

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@agoelz I’m having the same issue, have posted here, reddit and contacted support - nobody cares and nobody will respond mate. Good luck.
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Item Sync Failed (Error FTJR2008)

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Product: Need for Speed: Unbound
Platform:Xbox Series X
Summarize your bug Item Synchronisation Failed. Error Code: FTJR2008
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? The bug seemed to off occurred for me when i completed the campaign and then saved and closed the game afterwards. Once starting up the game continuously gives you an error when accessing the online tab or story mode.
What happens when the bug occurs? When the bug occurs it seems to prevent players from playing Lakeshore Online and also removes your progress and money in story mode.
What do you expect to see? You would see an error screen as you load up Need For Speed: Unbound indicating there’s an syncing issue and that issue will continue to pop up when trying to access online etc.

The bug seems to remove players progression in story mode and removes vehicles you’ve unlocked and the money you’ve earned during the campaign (note this part is campaign only) 


issues for Lakeshore Online include not being able to access the online features. Only being allowed to play online when a friend invites you to their party. (Online Issues) 


(the bug issues)

when loading up NFS: Unbound the (screenshot provided below) will come up with the same error when navigating either through the tabs of the game or when trying to access online or story mode features. 

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Re: Error Code 0013080F/FTJR2008 on PS5

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@JCMatthews99 @agoelz @Kilroy010510 


I think what David means is you can perform a similar process on PS5: 


  1. Manually back up your save onto a USB key/drive.
  2. Delete your save stored on your console
  3. Start game as if it were your first play
  4. Exit game and restore your manually backed up save onto the console
  5. Start game again checking if issue is resolved.


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Re: Error Code 0013080F/FTJR2008 on PS5

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@EA_Barry Nope already tried a similar process to that on my Xbox (deleting the save data off the console and re installing it through the cloud) but nothing works… contacted support and they just said “it should be fixed soon” which really doesn’t help
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