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Re: NFS Heat Saved Data not loading?

by Amaa788n786

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NFS Heat Saved Data not loading?

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I was restarting the game and when I opened it all data was gone and the game started as new. I tried to repair the game but it still seems like my data isn't coming back.. Is there anyone that can help me out. I don't want to race for 30 hours again.

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Re: NFS Heat Saved Data not loading?

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I was casually playing the game and I wanted to go into online and it’s kept disconnecting me or apparently ‘kicked, from the game so I closed my app then restarted the game to see if it would fix then I couldn’t play the game so I tried to restore my saved data but as I did that I went back into the game and all I saw the loading menu like I just bought the game and the cutscene and the start and now apparently I will get it back after this update 1.5 goes live so best of luck to me and everybody else suffering with the same issue!


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