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Re: NFS Heat Rep stuck at 10

by EA_Atic

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NFS Heat Rep stuck at 10

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I recently downloaded the EA access trial for NFS Heat. I played it for the 10 hours of the trial then purchased the full game. After I purchased the full game I reached rep level 10 and got a pop up saying I had reached the max rep level for the trial, and now my rep won’t progress past level 10, even though when I end my night it says I’m rep level 12. It shows I’m playing the full game, but it’s like in-game I’m still in the trial. 

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Re: NFS Heat Rep stuck at 10

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Any help with this? I also purchased the game and it is locked at rep level 10. I deleted the trial and installed from disc and still no dice. Please advise. 

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Re: NFS Heat Rep stuck at 10

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Hey, @callmesteam @Deik_Fig  for this issues it's not something we can help with on AHQ and something you need to reach out to our game advisors on EA support.

How to get in contact with EA support:




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