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Re: NFS Heat Data Deleted

by ggpoogchamp

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NFS Heat Data Deleted

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Had to restart computer, I was customizing my Aston Martin and saved the decal before returning to the lobby, I then quit to main menu and then to desktop. After I had rebooted my computer, I was met with a NFS that was completely reset, my rep was back to 1, it shows the car from the beginning chase and it even asked if I wanted to select the difficulty for the game again. I've played 8 hours and have several achievements that it still confirms, yet it acts like I've never played it. Help?

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Re: NFS Heat Data Deleted

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Same issue here, I didn’t go further the choose difficulty screen just in case, but my data is apparently lost.


Furthermore, I am a member of a crew, and a friend of mine told me he stills see me and my SVJ in the crew showroom in the garage.

So the server might still think I have all my content, I don’t wanna overwrite it.



 Cloud Save is on.

@EA Help us please !

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Re: NFS Heat Data Deleted

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The same is happening with me, can someone help us out?

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Re: NFS Heat Data Deleted

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Im having the same issue on playstation, and i just beat the game. please help

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Re: NFS Heat Data Deleted

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@AfricanFrogman Same thing happened to me level 50 over 3 million and 38 cars gone
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Re: NFS Heat Data Deleted

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@szmarty720 Lucky me, only lost some of my stuff. It seems to happen whenever the game connects to EA servers, would love to being able to have the game NOT try to connect to servers and run in offline only mode. I can turn off the internet connection on the Playstation, but that would limit me to the god awful soundtrack in the game, and I quite enjoy listening to music while I drive, just not the horrible soundtrack.
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Re: NFS Heat Data Deleted

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@ZephyerfromZed The exact same happened to me .. i was level 50 with +50hrs of playing .. and then the game asked me to choose difficulty again ???

Everything is gone .. i lost all my cars and rep lvl and it’s like i never played the game !!
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