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Re: Early access save game

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@EA_Atic I dont have one drive or google drive synced

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Re: Early access save game

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@DragonsbladeUK I have the same problem, and I didn’t touch MP
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Palace Edition is a waste

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I dont feel like like anyone playtested this game. Ive had to constantly restart the single player to the point I no longer want to finish the story mode because if I take a break all my progress is reset and ea has done nothing about it. 3 extra days wasted and down the drain. The way all the palace cars are locked feels like a scam because they honestly think after you finish a week you would have enough money to buy or even want to buy the unlocked cars that arent as fast as the ones youve already upgraded to win a races youve been in, and  didn’t decide to say anything on the pre order page. Even MP is broken and you can’t customize your character to even put on the clothes you paid real money for or change any aspects of your character. Tried to refund but playstation says I cant since I streamed it on day one. 

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[PC] online progress is not saved

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After playing some hours online and closing the game (no issues, error messages or something like that) all my progress was reset, when I tried to play the game, one day later.

I had to choose a new character, car and started with no already unlocked items and cars in my progress list.

After setting all up, and playoimng some time again, I turned off the game, waited some tiome, started again and again: everything was reset.

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Re: Early access save game

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Post marked as Solution for player visibility in order to Collect Information. Please read.


Hi, thanks for the posts on this. We have created a survey for gathering info from PC players reporting this, we would appreciate if you could fill out the survey here:


Need for Speed™ Unbound Progression Investigation

EDIT: Thank you for your contributions and for the info given, this survey link has now been archived. 

For console players, please check out this thread.

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Re: Early access save game

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look. there is no one drive or google drive syncing my document folder. the Need For Speed(TM) Unbound has all the folders but the save folder itself does not have any files in there.. there is no save file. i played for freaking 14 hours.. i reinstalled everything. the application, the game, even freaking reinstalled windows 11 fresh. nothing else was installed. i started the story over 5 times. i thought maybe i did not progress far enough for a save which is stupid. but hey so i played as much as i could before work. got 3 cars, right before the last day in first week. and when i get off work it tells me to start a story because the game will not save. im am so upset at this problem wasted 14 hours of gameplay that i will never get back because your game is broken. it will not save. there is no save file no matter what i do, stop telling me to reinstall, and asking if  One Drive or Google drive syncing your document folder is the problem it is not the problem why is a fresh copy of windows with a fresh copy of the ea app and a fresh download of the game, its the game. 

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Re: Early access save game

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i installed the game, and the application and windows with all the default settings i didnt not change anything. its all on my C drive. why the heck do yall not have a save game button in the menu? like 95% of all other games? i was playing single player also. never touched the online part yet. 

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Re: Early access save game

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Hey i solved the problem with the game not saving on PC . Tell your developers that they make the Need For Speed(TM) Unbound folder in your documents read-only. If you remove the read only check in the properties it will now save properly. This problem wasted 14 hours of game play. but for some reason the game will force that folder into read only and it will not allow the game to save. so please fix this problem so i can finally play and not have my save reset over and over


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Re: Early access save game

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30 Hours in… All online data lost have to completely start fresh I don’t think I can play this game again it was a great time while it lasted 

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[PC] All save files lost?

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Hello, I was playing tonight with my friend who is on PS4 and when I went to join his lobby, my game froze so I force closed it with Task Manager. Then when I booted up my game again to have a fun time racing with my friend all my characters [single player AND multiplayer] were gone. When I select story mode or online it brings me to the "model select" screen as if I had just installed the game again.


Ive tried restarting my PC and launched the game through Steam and Origin but nothing worked. Im really sad as i just dropped 40k into a car and wanted to show my friend Frown


14 hours lost please help!

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