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NBA Live fails to connect to server

by stevenomes

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Re: NBA Live fails to connect to server

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i still have this issue. its getting to 13% and wont connect further. i will have to try the hotspot thing as i havent tried that yet but just seems pretty messed up that you have to to do that every time to get online. i can try to open more ports but i dont mess with the router settings often and it seems a bit awkward to do. also i dont know if it really will help because nba live 18 works fine, i can get online with other EA games so i dont know why this one should use that many differnet ports. also it did work earlier after update 1.03. it was working fine then but next update it wouldnt connect again. it has to be something other than ports or i would think it would fail every time. 

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Re: NBA Live fails to connect to server

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This works on your router so ithat could fix your Xbox box one and ps4 issues. You need to make a static ip by reserving your consoles Mac address and assigning it a permanent ip. Once you have that done you go to advanced under most routers and turn on dmz and input same number ip of your reserved ip into the dmz.

This opens all ports in case there are some ports (udp & tcp) that are not allowing your game to update or play online. Once you do this you won't have to deal with port foward or triggering. I would also suggest to have UPnP check as well and on the ps4 side you can set up Internet auto and it would pick up the assignment of the ip you gave for the reserved ip of your console which also happens to point to dmz.

It has nothing to do with your wifi channels. It has to do with your nat firewall. Some routers play nice with just UPnP which opens and closes ports on devices connected to router as needed. Sometimes this isn't enough and you need to do a dmz to avoid this. I also set up the Internet manual but that's me,  you can do a auto connect and the ip you have programed on router should be picked up after you reboot console. If not set them up manually.

Your reserved ip should look like and you dmz as well. Your sub net should look lIke Your default gateway should look like and your dns server should also be the same for both design server 1 & 2. You can use Google dns and for dns but I like using my ISP dns becuase its fast enough so just input your gateway ip. I pick a high number of 200 in case you have a lot of devices and some routers depending how you set up your lan will start at

There will be some routers who gateway will be or others that are with a 10.x.x.x but it's all fundamental just replace the last 3 digits with your own. 


Now there are some risks so use at your own discretion if you want your ps4 to be outside routers firewall and have easier access or if you want to feel safer from hackers and just use UPnP and certain ports. For your protection you should have a long ps4 account password and have 2 step verification on everything including purchases. Don't leave your guest on anyone's else's ps4 erase after using it.


While the ps4 is not like a PC I would not use a dmz on PC because of online banking and hackers will steal your info, that why you should use a VPN as well as a router firewall and operating system firewall as well as third party apps for malware  and viruses, Trojan and even a sandbox to keep your browsing from infecting pc. Also a rollback or seperate system restore like Acronis to birng you back in case of worse senario of pc with multiple backups on separate partitions, external storage or DVD just in case.


If all we are doing on our consoles is just playing online then keeping 1 credit card with virtual # not your real card should be fine with a long going password and 2 step verification on a phone. Remember Sony did get hacked before so guard your credentials well.


Once you guys do this then you can truly say it's the game fault and not your own setup Just because one EA title works fine or other game work fine does not mean you are invincible from encountering a problem online. I get on Live 19 every night and yeah it boots you off a game or two but nothing like not being able to get updates or hotfixes. This might be a advanced for some but not to other so here a simple video to help you visually.



There is really a lot of tech stuff gamers should know to ensure a more stable environment and better experiences. The good news is once you do this your won't have to worry again and set up ports or tinker with settings. You will lay down the foundation to a more smoother online for years to come or until you get a new router. I have noticed a lot of ISP doing a combo modem/router. These are problematic and dont work even if you try and configure with dmz. If you can afford own your own separate modem and separate router it's a better setup. I prefer netgear or linksys but other will have their choice of what works for them.

Have fun m8's

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Re: NBA Live fails to connect to server

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after downloading update 1.07 im able to get online again. i didnt change anything except download the update. this has happened before with update 1.03. unlikely its fixed for good but does anyone have patch notes?
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Re: NBA Live fails to connect to server

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Re: NBA Live fails to connect to server

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so next update is live and guess what, cant connect again. ive narrowed down that it only happens during in game updates (when you load up game and get the download bar). if the game itself is updated (version 1.07 etc) via playsation then im able to get onto ea servers. since the latest in game roster update it failed to download again. so i just did the fix advised, change to mobile hotspot connection and i was able to download the update. i went back to ps4 network status and changed back to LAN as i usually use. then obviously it disconnected from server but when i connected again it worked on LAN. so the thing that causes it to fail just seems to be that in game update. i can connect to EA server provided i dont need to download the update. very weird. 

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Re: NBA Live fails to connect to server

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Yes very weird! 

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Re: NBA Live fails to connect to server

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It wont even connect to my Wi-Fi
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Re: NBA Live fails to connect to server

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Thanks for the info @stevenomes@9608124 Does connecting to a mobile hotspot work for you as well?


If you haven't attempted basic connection troubleshooting yet I recommend giving these steps a try.





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Re: NBA Live fails to connect to server

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i tried a lot of different things yesterday to try and resolve this issue. nothing seems to work. i forwarded a bunch of ports (based on EA page) to router, turned off firewall totally, unplugged router and turned off system, tried going off of mobile hotspot connection. nothing works. ill just have to wait for the next patch again as everytime there is a new patch is when it reverts to previous status (if it was working then it goes back to cannot connect to server, if i was getting that error after last update then im able to log in online again). It seems to be an odd issue cant really be something with the router can it? i mean i can get online after a patch, but then the next one it breaks again? if it was a port issue id think i wouldnt be able to get on at all ever? this is the only game ive ever experienced something like this with. all other games work fine online

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Re: NBA Live fails to connect to server

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I'm having the same problem just got game and download it it load to 15%and stop and says I cannot connect to the server. Please help

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