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Re: NBA Live Companion App Face Scan

by stevenomes

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NBA Live Companion App Face Scan

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I have a problem with the face scan on android. When I do the scan it says render failed all the time!!!! PLZ HELP!!!!

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Re: NBA Live Companion App Face Scan

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this happened to me as well. though i found it is not always at the same time. it seems to error out many times early on if your face is not perfectly aligned. once i figured out the method it worked and uploaded the scan but then failed at the very end when trasnferring the photo. i dont know why
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Re: NBA Live Companion App Face Scan

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I got the upload failing time and time again.  When I exited the app and restarted, it showed that my scan was processing.  The last time this happened, it reset my character in the game when selecting gameface.  Also, the app shows the name of my NBA Live 18 player and not my Live 19 demo player with no way to select player details like the screenshots showed.

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Re: NBA Live Companion App Face Scan

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Face Scan Won't Load To Game

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I used the companion app to face scan and got a pretty good scan of myself. But when I go to the game on xbox my face wont appear on the top right corner. I made sure my xbox account and the companion app used the same email but still nothing. I even tried revoking access and relinking my account but that didnt work either.

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Re: Face Scan Won't Load To Game

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Yes same exact problem here for ps4 is anybody going to fix or answer this for us????

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Re: Face Scan Won't Load To Game

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Happening to me too.

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Re: Face Scan Won't Load To Game

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Please see the following link for info on using the Companion App/Gameface and how to get help if things do not go as planned:



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Gameface HD Issue

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The actual game is not picking up the Gameface HD data from the companion app. I'm pretty sure there is no shortcut to fix this. EA has to make the update. I hope they fix

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Re: NBA Live Companion App Face Scan

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What phone or tablet you using? Try on a newer phone or tablet, I mean it doesn't have to be iPhone X but not a 4. Also are you using Adroid or Apple. Try different version. Have you tried on a tablet? Finally check your connection to your WiFi. Make a connection to a 5ghz wireless it's better and faster than 2.4ghz. Try to get as close to your router when uploading and place the phone on a flat surface with radio of phone usually top of device pointing to your routers attennas. Check you don't have any type of metals or microwave inithe field of view to your router. Try going to a better internet connection like firends or library. Try on your phone cellular internet non WiFi to see if that helps.


I needed to do my pix 30 times to get perfect and sometimes it would say 2 mins and then fail also but I corrected this by getting closer to router and restarting app.


Also very important when you get upload failure's close Live Companion 2019 and restart app. Do this everytime you get the upload failure because I noticed once you get the error it would not upload again. Once I restarted app it would work properly until I get this error which happens randomly. App is huge and I imagine takes up a lot of memory so close app and close from recent use also, run a memory boost on phone or restart phone to help refresh ram.


Remember it not everyone having this problem it's per user error meaning everyone will have a different outcome depending on factors I mentioned above. Good Luck and Patience


Found this on YouTube and helped not my video....





Check out my face scan using natural sunlight, it's possible to this a great facescan don't give up and hope to see are face scans  soon.

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