My whole game is missing

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My whole game is missing

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I have played two sims mobile games on different mobile phones. Suddenly one of the games is missing, and when starting the app the same game turns up on both phones. I play on Android, and each game is linked to different google accounts, but eventough I'm logged in to different google accounts on the different phones - the same game (same player ID) appears. 


I've reinstalled the app several times (on both phones), cleared cache and data several times, and contacted EA help and given my player ID on the missing game but they don't answer. I'm desperate now, I've spent quite a few real money and not at least time on the missing game. 


Anyone else that have had the same problem and have a solution as the EA help won't answer? I live outside the US/Canada, so the "call me" help option don't work for me. Chat option dissapears as soon as I log in, and as mentioned, no answer is given on the the mail's sent.


Greatful for any help!



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