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My PC account was hacked

by vgobov

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Re: My PC account was hacked

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@EA_Cade My previous message was deleted for some reason. I hope this message has not been deleted by customer support. I will write this message again:

I created few cases

The last one is: 50341714

The previous is: 50301363

The return of my players and money/coins is not so important now, because a new version of Fifa has already been released

I lost 1.5 months of the game, I lost a lot of personal time communicating with support, I lost some money on phone calls to another country
I'm afraid you can only return players and coins for an already outdated game to me. What's the point of that?!!


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Re: My PC account was hacked

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@vhobov Thanks for the case number, I'll see if I can find out why this took so long to resolve so we can improve the experience for others in the future.


I've edited your message once again. If you continue to insult EA staff your account will be reviewed further. 

I am now locking this thread. 

-EA Cade

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