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My FPS goes down?

by GodlyVlad

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My FPS goes down?

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I have Asus Rog G751Y ... i7 + ssd + 16 gb of ram. So, i've notice that my fps is like 50-80 normally, but there are times that i'm going with 143 fps, which looks like cap, cuz it cannot go futher. After playing for like 1-2 min with 100+ fps, it goes down to 50-60 again. I've thought that it could be like high temps, but it's not that the problem. It's like random boost, then goes down. My laptop is set to high performance. CS:Go have solid 143 cap and stays there. 

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Re: My FPS goes down?

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@GodlyVlad Depends mostly on the area of the map.. Some places really plumit your fps.. Maybe they are higher detailed or too much lightning /shadows going on or maybe its bugged..

it could also be your laptop ofcourse.. those tend to go for energy efficient settings.. also intel has something called turbo frequency.. i can imagine on a laptop it more agressively tries to go back to base clock to prevent heat and save energy.. you can try and disable this option (watch overheating).. but i think it's apex related
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