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Moving from IOS to Android - IOS phone broken

by ssversionck

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Moving from IOS to Android - IOS phone broken

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Hi - I am stuck on SWGOH. 


Been playing on iphone - but it is broken and is currently completely unusable and been unable to fix so far. I also have an android phone. Have installed SWGOH on the android - but in order to link the account I need to either confirm on the old device (which I can't because it is broken) or do it from Facebook. Problem here is that I don't use Facebook, and I only created an account for the sole purpose of getting some free crystals and can't remember my facebook credentials at all. Not even sure which email address I used for it.


Anyway to solve this? 

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Re: Moving from IOS to Android - IOS phone broken

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Hi @ssversionck 


if you cant recovery the account yourself, id suggest you contact EA Support to check on that for you.


Please do the following:

Go to

1. Go to contact us

2. Press your Game/Your Platform and select the problem you are having

3. Press Contact options

4. Scroll to chat and specify your problem

5. Press Chat now

For futher information, please check here

If there is no chat option available, please call customer service on your phone or try describing your problem a little bit different, so "Livechat" show up as an option.




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