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Re: Mouse-"shuttering" / Input-Lags/Freezes

by TheRobgoblin

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Mouse-"shuttering" / Input-Lags/Freezes

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Hey there. I got some really weird issues with aiming in Anthem. Its kinda hard to describe, but my controls completely "lock" every now and then for a few seconds. Its the second game I've encountered this.

For example: Lets say I aim (right mouse button) and strafe to the left (A-Button), I keep strafing left and "ADSing" / Zooming without me touching the keyboard or mouse. In fact, my imputs get completely ignored by this time.

I got 2 videos, one from Battlefield 4 which show the same bug (but I was able to solve this by enabeling Raw Mouse Input) and one from Anthem. In the Anthem video make sure to start watching at 0:10 the part where I land on the ground wand walk to the wall into the abyss. I wasnt walking there, my complete controlls just got frozen, as I tried to describe.


It seems like this happens when there are serval enemys at once. Not everytime, but very often. I doubt that my hardware is too bad, I got a GTX 980, an i5 6600k and 8GB of ram (well okay, thats "a bit low" these days but should be fine).

I hope someone can help me. RAW input fixed this for BF4, but Anthem doesnt have that option. I dont know what do to. 
My mouse isnt broken because thats the 2nd game I got this issue (like in around 5 years) and this mouse is just round about 6 months old. 

Thanks in advance for ANY hint!

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Re: Mouse-"shuttering" / Input-Lags/Freezes

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I'm also having this issue. If anyone knows of a fix, please advise.

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Re: Mouse-"shuttering" / Input-Lags/Freezes

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Having the exact same issue. This is really making the game unplayable, so any help here would be SUPER appreciated!
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Re: Mouse-"shuttering" / Input-Lags/Freezes

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Same problem here bud, had it during the VIP weekend too, but hoped it would be fixed with the full game. No dice. 

Link to my clips of the issue:

Hope this helps EA/Bioware resolve it

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Re: Mouse-"shuttering" / Input-Lags/Freezes

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Same problem ... mouse just stops working and my character get stuck in motion and i am unable to use mouse or any movement buttons ... and i wanted to play this whole weekend :/

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Re: Mouse-"shuttering" / Input-Lags/Freezes

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I'm getting this as well, along with my CPU usage going up to 100% and after about 10 minutes the game freezes and I have to use task manager to kill it.
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Re: Mouse-"shuttering" / Input-Lags/Freezes

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Thats exactly it! Really seems like a Bug from there side.

Just curious, what Mouse / Keyboard do you guys use? Wondering if it has something to do with the drivers. Roccat Kone IAmo + Roccat Skeltr on my side.

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Re: Mouse-"shuttering" / Input-Lags/Freezes

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I'm using a corsair scimitar and corsair k70. Getting the same input lag as well as some frame drop when I know darn well I shouldn't be. The first mission, the prologue i guess ran beautifully but everything after that has been pretty terrible.

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Re: Mouse-"shuttering" / Input-Lags/Freezes

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Me too!

Played both the demos on High with the game running smoothly, now I'm playing on Low with the mouse stuttering... When running on High, mouse movements sometimes gets delayed.


LOW (1080p):
Fort Tarsis: ~50-60 FPS (I would have expected it to stay steady at 60 FPS but no! When I start moving it drops to 50 FPS)
Freeplay: Jumps between 40 and 60 FPS with lots of stuttering!

LOW (4K):
Fort Tarsis: 30 FPS
Freeplay: 30 FPS when walking on the ground, 60 FPS when looking at the sky!


HIGH (1080p):
Fort Tarsis: ~50-60 FPS (No different that when playing on low)
Freeplay: Jumps between 40 and 60 FPS with lots of stuttering!

HIGH (4K):
Fort Tarsis: 30 FPS
Freeplay: ~30 FPS!

CPU: i7-6700K @ 4.2GHz
RAM: 32 GB
GPU: GTX1080
I know my PC is getting old, especially for 4K resolution, but I don't understand why both Demos ran so smooth when this fails to hit 60 FPS even on low!

Usage in Fort Tarsis on 4K res @ LOW settings:

CPU: ~50% with the game taking ~35%

GPU: ~55% with the game taking ~55%

I always record my Rainbow Six Siege games with Geforce Experience, and when I open the Geforce Experience overlay, it's extremely hard to move the mouse due to delayed movements.

Disabling Geforce Experience Instant-replay and even the overlay itself sadly didn't help!

It seems like I can no longer play the game, even on low @ 1080p!
It's sad that I have to spend my 10 hours trial on investigating issues like this Frown Hopefully the game will be stable on release though!


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Re: Mouse-"shuttering" / Input-Lags/Freezes

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I'm having a very similar issue. Most inputs will stop being recognized and my character will continue doing the last movement (i.e., moving in a specific direction, usually straight into a group of enemies). Occasionally, I'll still be able to shoot, but I won't be able to correct my course and continue running in one direction. Once the movement becomes unstuck, it catches up and runs any inputs I used while stuck (moving mouse, etc) insanely fast.


While this issue is occurring, the mobs and other players appear to be moving normally - it is not normal lag or rubber banding.


Doesn't occurring in other games or programs, just Anthem. I've trucked along but it is extremely disruptive to gameplay.

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