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Mouse cursor free movement issues

by Brownsuga20

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Mouse cursor free movement issues

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Hello hello all! ^_^

Since the game release, I've always played the game in borderless windowed mode with no issues at all besides random crashes when the game was still pretty new. The game has been awesome and i totally love playing it and have streamed it quite a few times so far.

Now since the most recent update on Sunday(6/16/19), my cursor is no longer locked in place whether I'm in borderless windowed or fullscreen. I can literally move my mouse freely and when your trying to move in-game and especially shoot, it becomes EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING that my movement & aiming is completely offset. I have to pretty much strafe or literally follow my mouse with my eyes to make sure that I'm looking in the direction I want to move or shoot. I have an Sapphire R9 290 GPU not overclocked(neither is my PC) and have done my most recent AMD GPU drivers along with my Win10 system being up to date(just did Win10 build 1903 just last week).

I've also uploaded a few clips of me in game with one of my friends showing what happens if it helps(sorry for no sound!). I've restarted the game numerous times after switching the video display settings(which you'll see my settings in the vid), seems like it fixes itself for a minute, then comes right back. Has anyone else had this issue start happening recently or am I an anomaly? I want to keep playing but I literally cant because of this issue. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Mouse cursor free movement issues

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@Brownsuga20 Well apparently the clips won't post..tried 5 different times and file sizes are within allotted size amount. If clips are needed, can forward to devs or engineers for verification! Spanks!
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