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Re: Mouse Cursor Glitched SWTOR

by proxos666

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Mouse Cursor Glitched SWTOR

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I don't really know how to best describe what's going on but I'll try anyway. You know how your mouse cursor in game is normally a bronze triangle? Well, my cursor turns into the normal Windows cursor whenever I move it to the bottom right hand corner of the screen, where my character customizer middle sections are (Just using that as a imaginative example). This makes it so that I can't click on any of the buttons on the right side of my screen


I have a built in Intel HD Graphics 2500 with the latest drivers if that's important. Although we are getting a new pc soon, I would like to still play swtor as it is super fun.

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Re: Mouse Cursor Glitched SWTOR

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Hey there! That totally sounds like a resolution issue to me. Have you tried going into preferences in-game and setting your resolution to 1920x1080? You can get to this screen by pressing ESC - Preferences - and then clicking the Graphics tab. Hope this helps!

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Re: Mouse Cursor Glitched SWTOR

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There is likely a 3rd party overlay being inserted into the game hence the mouse cursor changes from the game cursor in the bottom right


nvidia / overwolf , mumble etc are some that have overlays , ensure all 3rd party programs are closed for example and see if can work out which is doing this ingame


edit - another one could be origin so ensure it is not running for example


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