Modded Toons and Ships?

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Modded Toons and Ships?

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Do ships preform better in battles if their pilots are modded? If so, do the types of mods on the toons effect how the ship battles? Ie speed, offense, defense, ect? I remember reading a comment awhile ago about this. Is this true

Grinding for ships and ship battles are starting to feel like more or a chore than entertainment. Something just to get out of the way for the daily quest. I’m looking for an edge to boost the ships that I have. Thanks!

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Re: Modded Toons and Ships?

@a1rune00 The pilot’s gear, level, rarity (stars), relic level, abilities and mods all contribute to overall ship power, including speed. With regards to mods, it’s only the level (1-15) and the rarity (MK I – MK VI) affect stats, tier (A-E) does not. CrouchingRancor have a handy ship speed calculator that you can play about with to see what will increase the speed of your ship:

The stats on the mods have no impact ie a speed primary mod will have the same impact on as a defence primary mod if they equal in terms of level and rarity.

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