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Missing hyperdrive

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Bought the hyperdrive last week and still didnt get it. I sended every proof via Tickets and the Hotline said the proofs where ok but they cant activate the bundle because... they think i already have it. Well as everyone can see (id and code below) the bundle hasnt been activated. The Hotline said this forum is my last chance to get my hyperdrive bundle activated. I hope someone can help me


I restored the purchase and reinstalled the game nothing helps.

Id cMbiPJQlT6GYQuJameP9yA
Code 835-912-691
Ticket 111336058 and 111218573

Thank you

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Re: Missing hyperdrive

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Hello there @Sibbi316 


Looks like your hyperdrive bundle got activated. Your link showed all the toons at 5* that are included in that bundle.

I hope you are enjoying it. :-)

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