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Missing TB Rewards

by afrunner

Original Post

Missing TB rewards after client reset 05/25/18

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Was supposd to get rewards due to no territory battles this week, my guild has got it but i have not
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Missing Raid rewards post client update

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Went to collect my raid rewards and got a notice about the have update. Then got a client restart. After that I got a bunch of notifications about all that changed but no results rewards. Restarted multiple times but no luck.
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Re: Missing Raid rewards post client update

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SBCrumb fixed it for me. He rocks!
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missing raid rewards

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I've done the HAAT raid a few times now but noticed today that I'm not getting any rewards. Before I started the most recent raid I was at 126/145 for gen kenobi. After the raid no rewards and as of writing this still at 126/145. It's been like this for weeks now.


I've submitted a ticket but I got told have to wait for stakeholders and studio to fix it? How do I get my rewards?!



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Missing Territory Battle Rewards (25/05/2018)

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I have not received the promissed rewards of Territory Battles, which have suspended between 20/05 and 25/05.
My Wampa is waiting for these guild event coins!!!


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Missing TB rewards

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Title says it all
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Re: Missing TB rewards

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Same here even have proof I participated
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Missing TB Rewards

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Missing TB rewards.  Got your new character...but would greatly prefer to have my TB rewards.  Even reinstalled luck.

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Re: Missing TB rewards

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Same issue, multiple restarts, guild scored 44* last TB, I was in every phase, scored 84/84 waves, etc
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Re: Missing TB rewards

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Same issue here. Some guild mates have received the rewards while some are not (at least 3 as far as I know).


Ally Code is 762267321

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