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Missing Purchased Global Account Unlocks

by gshadow186

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Missing Purchased Global Account Unlocks

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I need these Global Account Unlocks purchased activated and added and I will highly consider resubscribing, making further purchases, and further supporting the product and the Stars The Old Republic Brand and Franchise. Thank you
I noticed I did not have my global account unlocks that I have purchased and the ledger does reflect the Account Unlocks.
The Account Unlocks I am referring to are
1. Access Authorization: Section X

2.Unlock: Inventory Module (Account)

my account name is georgephillips
if you are unable to read or pay attention to the screen shots.

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Re: Missing Purchased Global Account Unlocks

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Buying an 'Access Authorization: Section X' item does not grant access immediately if I am not mistaken. You need to use the unlock item to apply the unlock. Showing your Cartel Coin purchase history just tells us that you bought the unlock, not that you used it.  


The inventory unlock is only unlocking one additional line in your inventory and not every possible inventory slot. An additional line should be unlocked for all new characters automatically when you used the unlock. Do you have a screenshot of your inventory? 

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