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Missing Items; HELP please.

by bellamorena04

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Missing Items; HELP please.

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I would like to speak to someone about an issue I have. I've used the EA Games Customer service site and an associate contacted me via email asking me to explain what I had previously explained. I explained again the issue and provided snippets of videos about my problem and days later there has been no resolution nor response from him. 
My problem is as follows:
"March, 21, 2020 at roughly 10 am EST I played the Sweet Treat Showdown Challenge 5 times completing it 4 times when my android phone lost energy during the 5th game. As a result I tried to play the game on my iPhone with the same ID# and because the game on my iPhone did not sync with the status of the game as it was on the Android by the time I played on the Android again I lost all of my earnings which were over 2,000 Sweet Treat Box tokens and about 16 of the Royal Treat Box tokens.
I cannot even play the Sweet Treat Challenge at the moment. It appears the game crashed somehow during the confusion. I paid $9.99 USD for the "Modern Luxe" Sweet Treat Pro ticket package and yet still cannot play the challenge. 
Therefore it is impossible for me to get a screenshot, nothing can be shown since I lost it all before contacting you all (EA Games)."
The above is the email I sent to the individual who did not follow up with me to discuss what could be done. I recognize that at any given moment there could be a lot of people contacting help and customer service but the response was guaranteed within 24 hours and still nothing.
As I mentioned I paid 9.99 USD for the "Modern Luxe" package hoping it would jump start the recovery process and not only do I still not have my 16 Royal Treat Tokens or my 2,000+ Sweet Treat Box Tokens but I cannot play the Sweet Treat Challenge at all to redeem benefits of the $9.99 Modern Luxe deal. Attached to this message will be a screen recording showing how I am unable to play the Sweet Treat Challenge.
I am asking to speak with someone (live via phone preferably) to help me resolve this problem or be issued a refund. 
Please reach back out to me as I am a fan of this game and enjoy it VERY much. This is an unfortunate error that is costing me time from being able to participate in an much anticipated event. Frown
I thank you for your time and help in advance,
- Raya
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Re: Missing Items; HELP please.

Phone support is closed at the moment, more about that over here:


If you already have a case on this issue I'd recommend resuming it. I assume you contacted them through the e-mail?


do not work for EA



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