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Missing Content Sims Mobile

by CharlieDaisy12

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Re: Missing Content Sims Mobile


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Unfortunately this is an issue that we can't help you fix from the forums.


Please follow these directives:


    • You should send in a Help Ticket from your in-game account. Advisors need mobile players to do this because in-game mobile tickets bring through needed details. Contacting by any other method will only delay support and you'll be asked to go back and send in an in-game help ticket. Also worth noting that sending in help tickets from the mobile in-game account ensures the tickets go through to the mobile advisors directly who'll be far more informed.
    • If you have issues accessing your game, there is an alternative for you. Make sure to provide your Player ID when explaining your problem, will make things faster!
    • Have valid proof of purchase available for advisors. Purchases on mobile aren't made on Origin aka EA's tool, they are made on either Google Play or iTunes so in order for support to confirm that there was a payment made they will need valid proof of purchase. Once they verified the purchase they can check if the content is on the account,. If it's not the advisors will take it from there.

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Re: Missing Content Sims Mobile

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Your funny. I did this in July 2020, still not fixed, wasn’t expecting any help on here. Just highlighting the pure incompetence of Ea help. 

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Re: Missing Content Sims Mobile

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Hi, I finally received an answer from EA the other day that I should request a refund from Apple support. All good now. Thanks.

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