Mic problems making clicking sound

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Re: Mic problems making clicking sound

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Hey @GrimReminiscence


What happens if you lower the sample rate on the mic in your sound settings? I saw someone mention that it helped with similar issues in a different thread, so I am curious if that makes a difference in this case as well. 


Let me know if that makes any difference for you. 

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Re: Mic problems making clicking sound

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Hi. I have this issue with my G635 too. I dont play APEX but happens in BF4, BFV and BF2042 while in Discord. This never happened before until the BF2042 beta. Dont know if Logitech updated their GHub for that and might have had something to do. Maybe the issue is with Logitech.  If I am on Discord and not playing, is ok. When start playing works until some kind of "static" is heard and then no one can hear me. Then I have to Alt+Tab and change Discord mic to C922. ALWAYS.  Now I had to enable my webcam mic on discord (logitech C922) until issue is solved. 

Not possible that different games from EA are having this issue in Discord with the middle to top Logitech headsets. The thing in common between all this headseats is that they are 7.1 running by logitech.  There must be something between EA games, Discord and Logitech softwares that has to be tweaked. 


Maybe NVIDIA Experience automatically recording has something to do too.  The only thing I have clear is that nothing of this happened before installing the beta for 2042. 


Be safe, be cool!!

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Re: Mic problems making clicking sound

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Hey @RacaPeru


It kind of sounds like what would happen if the mic is disconnecting. I had a similar issue recently with my USB mic. Any game I was playing would hitch up, and Discord would tell me my input device had changed as if I had unplugged the mic. 


In my case I tried changing the USB-C cable for my mic, and it stopped happening. I guess my cable went bad. Is it possible to disconnect the USB cable on your headset? If so, have you tried using a different cable to test and see if that makes any difference? 

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