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Re: Mic not working only in Anthem

by Z-TexanSoulja7

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Mic not working only in Anthem

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I have my push to talk set to "T" but when I press it nothing happens...I talk in the mic and there's no indication that m mic is registering.  However every other program like discord and blizzard chat is picking up my mic just fine...

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Re: Mic not working only in Anthem

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What system are you running?


I often find that when I install a new game, Windows 10 (PC) will default Not Allow the new program to use the microphone.  I don't know why.


Go to Start , then select Settings > Privacy

Left Click on "Microphone"

Set Anthem to be allowed to use the microphone.


I don't know why this happens but it does.


I also open up the Sound Settings to ensure that my device is chosen...NOT the Default Sound.

Go to Start, then Settings > System

Left click on the "Sound"

Ensure that both the "Output devices" and the "Input device" are both set to your Headphones/Speakers & Microphone. (I use a headset so both are set to use it).


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Re: Mic not working only in Anthem

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What if you are using windows 7? I’ve been using the mic fine since early launch! It just now started acting up. Thanks
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Re: Mic not working only in Anthem

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What if Anthem or Origin aren't listed in the Privacy > Microphone settings list of applications? :'(
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