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[Mega-thread] - Infinite loading screens still...

by SprillO

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[Mega-thread] - Infinite loading screens still...

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This is now day 2 of the demo, still not even got to play anything because it infinitely loads every single time i try to launch anything!!!  yes i know its a demo and its an early build so there will be bugs but this is getting stupid now how has it not been fixed... fuming doesn't begin to describe how annoyed i am, i bet i dont even get to try this demo at all over the weekend because of how bugged this dumb * game is

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Re: [Mega-thread] - Infinite loading screens still...

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Community Manager

Hi all,

Closing this thread down now as all of the data is now out of date, if you do run into this now please post in this thread.



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Can’t connect the anthem server

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★★ Newbie

Pls someone help me I can’t connect to the server 

anything I should do?

i have no idea

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Anthem - stuck on load screen for first mission

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Was really looking forward to livestreaming the game and showing it off to interested viewers. Guess they wont be interested when all they get to see is a load screen for over an hour. What a joke

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Re: Anthem - stuck on load screen for first mission

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I can get in...sometimes, then I make it to the suit, then nothing. Game freezes and I have to start over.

Good thing I got resident evil 2 today, just wish i had picked it up after trying the demo so i could cancel my preorder.

Maybe EA will add a pay to play fix i  the microtransactions section

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Anthem demo Stuck on loading screen (PC)

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Anyone else have a problem with infinite loading screen after selecting freeplay? I uninstalled and reinstalled twice, turned the graphics down, tried windowed mode and nothing. Still gets stuck in the loading screen after launching the freeplay expedition.

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Re: Anthem demo Stuck on loading screen (PC)

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Same here. Just gets stuck about an inch from the end of the loading bar. Very annoying. 

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Re: Anthem demo Stuck on loading screen (PC)

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Same thing on console, I've gotten into Freeplay twice.

But it freezes when you leave too

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Re: Anthem demo Stuck on loading screen (PC)

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Demo didn't get released until the 26th Jan, which is still ok I guess just a bit disappointing. After finally getting online I get stuck in the load out screen and can't play the game at all.... 

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Re: Anthem demo Stuck on loading screen (PC)

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Yep stuck also, PC stupid that this happens...

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Anthem Xbox demo not working

★ Novice

Is the anthem beta/demo working for anyone I’m just getting the infinite load screen it asked me pilot voice basic settings you know language subtitles and such then infinite load screen I’m going be honest not the best way to build confidence EA

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