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Re: Mission loading screen freezes at 90-95%

by Evilstans

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Re: Anthem Infinite Loading Screen on Launch

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I have been patient with this issue as well just wondering if there is an eta.


I have tried going on to different things but every few hours I try to get into the game a fortunately I now can but I can never get the mission/launch to work. It just hangs indefinitely.


I get this is a demo but I would love to play this, so far it looks great, I just want to get into the rest of the game, besides the main city.

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Re: Infinite loading screen

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Its not i got into 1 match just fine and had trouble with my second

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Re: Mission loading screen freezes at 90-95%

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I am verifying the game file now to see if that might help. I had no problems last time either. I also tried the other game mode with the same problem.
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Re: Not Loading Into Missions or Freeplay

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Hey, having the same issue on Xb1. Doing the reset and restart of the application just brings me back to the hub. Not in the javelin at all.
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Re: Anthem demo Stuck on loading screen (PC)

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I can tell everyone how I eventually got in to play. I got that loading screen freeze a bunch of times. Then I would exit and quit the game then restart. After a few attempts like this it finally let me in to play. And now I get in all the time. But it will still lock me up every now and then in play. I just quit and restart again. And all I can say is don’t give up on this game. I LOVE IT ❤️
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Re: Mission loading screen freezes at 90-95%

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at least the help site has stopped crashing with people trying to find out what's going on...they've all cancelled their pre-orders lol

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Re: Anthem demo Stuck on loading screen (PC)

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It is a demo. Correct. But when have they had this kinda load on the servers before?
Feel free to get mad and never buy this game but you miss out of you do.
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Re: Stuck at Loading Screen - Anthem (PC)

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Im in the same boat. Ive been trying to start an expedition since i got off work yesterday at 5. Now it is 10am the next day and even after a reinstall of the demo, I have been looking at a loading screen for 30 minutes. Ive yet to get past Ft Tarsis... im extremely annoyed and frustrated.

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Re: 95% loading screen attacks again.

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I know, I have been trying to play the moment the demo was officially launched yesterday. Like, I spent 12 hours since launch trying to play the game and only got into 2 mission or so, for a total of 15-20 minutes of gameplay before the servers kicked me out leaving me unable to complete the mission.

and Vashyoung, I know I can do that, I figured out yesterday but I kinda want to experience the mission solo. not because I'm some kind of antisocial dude but because in most games I end up playing solo anyways. You know, work, family, life, I never get to play at the same time every day so I never get to see the same people to like, form a raiding squad, I just solo everything most of the time unless it's impossible, then I just LFG on some discord and done.
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Contently Have to Completely Restart In Order Play (PC)

[ Edited ]
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So here is where it gets weird. I was able to finish the second mission and after a long time. Having to restart my computer and reload because for some reason the game can't launch after closing it. It's SO DAMN ANNOYING. I getting to the point where I am scared of pre-ordering this game! This is not even a beta, it's a freaking DEMO, so I shouldn't have to be going through this! The game is Fun and I like to take a break and not worry about not being able to come back in! Like it's so frustrating!! I hope I ain't the only one going through this crap. 

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