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Re: Anthem Infinite Loading Screen on Launch

by K1cks

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Re: Anthem demo Stuck on loading screen (PC)

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Can confirm this worked for me on PS4 as well, the rejoining expedition after closing. TY my dude.

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Re: Anthem Infinite Loading Screen on Launch

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Same, one solution is exit the game, and join again, and put continue expedition

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Re: Can't get past the infinite loading screen to get into a level

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Same here.
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Re: Can’t connect the anthem server

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still having this problem on the PC


repaired files, checked for updates, re-installed the whole thing. Nothing worked.

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Cant log in still on ps4

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Been trying since 5pm yesterday it is now 815am they havent fixed anything as far as I'm concerned, now I'm debating whether to get my money back now and wait 3 or 4 months down the road and get the game once the issues are fixed.  Paying 80 dollars for a game I might be able to play on launch day is risky to me and not worth the frustration. EA has tons  of experience but not willing to use it on the demo weekend certainly tells me alot 

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Re: Anthem Infinite Loading Screen on Launch

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The issue with never being able to get into the game was resolved, but I now get the 95% issue when loading into missions. Force closing it and reopening it allows me to rejoin the mission
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Cannot Load into the game...

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I can open the game, get to the anthem screen with three Javalins then hit enter.  I then go into a loading screen that gets stuck at 95%ish then crashes.

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95% stuck for ever

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24 hours almost: no access to the game, except for the Loby. That is nice, but not too much. I played the Alpha and I don't have any problem, in fact I am eager to test the new options and level 10 but I'm continuously stuck in the loading screen doom by 90% - 95%


Perhaps, I understood badly when I reserve my game and VIP Demo means you are not able to play during all the weekend.


And this is on a PS4, where you are saying that all is mostly solved, so I can confirm that is not true. IT IS NOT SOLVED.


Any ETA around this o the possibility to make another VIP DEMO WEEKEND, because this will be 12 hours play as much. We have to sleep, do you know it?

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Re: Anthem demo Stuck on loading screen (PC)

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I was having the same issue on Xbox.  I just hit the home button, went to the game hit start scrolled down to quit game and restarted it.  It then gives an option to rejoin session. Just hit yes and it loaded me rite in. 


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Re: Can't get past the infinite loading screen to get into a level

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When I try to load a mission, it loads to about 90 or 95% and then stalls.


I have to alt+F4 out of the game, end the anthem process, reload the game.  And then try to load a mission again and it usually works. 


Obviously its really bad when you need to load a mission twice, and considering how long these load screens are...

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