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Re: Anthem Audio Loss on PC

by RDP_Krayden

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Re: Anthem Audio Loss on PC

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Agreed LTBiff. Also a poster in the comments points out that making the change stated will not resolve the issue and why.

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Re: Sound Cut off.

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Yes happened to me as well, sound cutting our in middle of missions or freeplay. 3 or 4 times so far since Friday. Sound Blaster AE-5 soundcard on Windows 10 64 latest OS release and latest drivers from Creative.
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Re: Anthem Audio Loss on PC

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Yeah this bug is completely killing the game for me. I'm not too happy with the overall state as it is, but this bug in particular is the nail in the coffin. I've tried every single thing I can think of, audio always goes out within an hour of playing. Giving Anthem a final chance after the supposed Day 1 patch.

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Re: Anthem Audio Loss on PC

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I am having a similar problem - but instead of the the Anthem audio giving up all together my entire PCs audio just "freezes" ... It just makes a noise similar to white noise and it is absolutely horrible. EVERYTHING goes quiet except for the the "white noise" - Discord, Anthem, system sound, music - ALL OF IT. Shutting Anthem down solves the problem so my go-to quick fix is to mute all sound via my headset and finish my mission before restarting.... But it is starting to get annoying.


It has happened 3-4 times now - once yesterday, twice in a row and one random time today. Seems to only be during missions, but other than that I can't think of any particular sound causing it (no loud explosions etc).


I am using a Logitech G430 gaming headset, incase that matters.


Anyone else having this issue? 

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Re: Anthem Audio Loss on PC

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To disable Origin In Game - Click the Game Tile > Click Settings > Click Game Properties > Un-check Enable Origin In Game for Anthem > Click Save

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Re: Anthem Audio Loss on PC

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Have you people tried what i suggested? Try to disable the HPET from both bios and windows.


Also,is the game audio still bugs out and missing some sound effects while in battle like on the demo or at least that was fixed? i did not pre order so i can't test it yet myself.

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in game sound stops

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so my ingame just stops at randomely some times when i tabout of the game in borderless mode, and only way to get sound back is to restart the game, just wondring if this happens to some one else

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Re: in game sound stops

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Yep pretty much most missions, its so annoying. You would think something like that would be picked up from the demo's and the hundreds of comments...

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Re: Sound Cut off.

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I have been having the same issue. In the BioWare response on Reddit, they said it is most commonly a problem with 4-man squads, but I have been playing a lot of solo freeplay, and I've had it cut out on me numerous times. It does seem to be related to intense firefights. I have not noticed it ever cut out on me just roaming around, but when I've got 15+ enemies on me all firing at once, that is usually when the sound drops.


Happens every time I play, so it is a pretty serious problem.

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Re: Sound Cut off.

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Some one else suggested this fix that seemed to help.  Adjust the ingame volume on the Voice SFX and Music to like 70%.  It seemed to stop the sound cut out for me and a few others.

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