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Re: Anthem Audio Loss on PC

by DreadFox

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Re: Sound cutting out

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I hope youre right. Have to exit out of game and back in.

Man this game has some bugs and problems...they best be on top of them in the coming weeks, and im talkin like..2 or 3 max to squash these bugs that were reported in the VIP demo 2-3 weeks ago.

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Re: Sound cutting out

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They have. They said the fixes will be implemented in the 22nd release. For some reason it didn't make the 15th cut.

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Re: Sound cutting out

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I think maybe the majority of the fixes in this build were already in place before the demo and the 22nd will have more of the fixes from the last few weeks.

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Re: Sound cutting out

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Re: Audio cuts out during gameplay

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Not really a solution but I've been pretty good at keeping it from happening by switching it from Home Theater to anything else. So currently I"m on Stereo Headphone and its worked for a while now. Had a friend who is using Surround Headphone and its working better as well. Seems to be something with that Home Theater setting, which is I think the default for Surround.

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Re: Sound Cut off.

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same thing, sound cut off right before 3 cutscenes
the last thing i heard was a loud explosion and then it cut off
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Re: Anthem Audio Loss on PC

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yeah, happened to me twice during expeditions tonight, really annoying. Had to restart game each time.
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Re: Sound Cut off.

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Sound for me doesn't work at all (even though it works for other games and applications)
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Re: Sound Cut off.

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same thing happens to me, if i either die or use my ult as a ranger.

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Re: Sound Cut off.

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Same thing for me.

Seemingly happens at random times for me, not necessarily happening during combat or when lots of sounds are playing. The last time it happened there was no dialog or combat happening, I was just flying towards an objective and it cut out.

A reboot seems to fix it, yes, but this game so far has pretty long load times and that isn't an acceptable solution for this 60 dollar game.
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