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Re: Cannot see my VIP Demo FRIEND PASS

by SinZ91

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Re: EA Access but no Anthem Refer a friend

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I have the same issue. Account is linked and have started the game but website says I haven't bought the game  

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Anthem Demo Friend Pass PS4 Issue

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After almost 24 hours of fighting the servers I was able to get into the game, however I still can't invite my friends after I logged into the game . This is getting out of hand. I would just like to get what I was promised . The screen still says I don't have VIP access .

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Re: EA Access but no Anthem Refer a friend

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Maybe it's unrelated but maybe it could help so.


I wasn't able to see the code in the Anthem friends pass web page using chrome.

i did try with Microsoft Edge and it did work...

So maybe try with a different browser.


As i said probably it is unrelated and just my issue but you never know.


Good Luck



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Re: Cannot see my VIP Demo FRIEND PASS

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What finally fixed it for me was after seeing yet another blank friend pass page, I scrolled down and swapped from the US language to UK and that loaded up a working site with codes. Worth a try.

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Redeeming a friend code not working

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My friend finally got home tonight and sent me the code to play the Anthem VIP demo. After logging into my EA account and putting in the link, it told me that an error had occurred and to try again. I did. Multiple times. Any help in solving this would be appreciated.

I am fairly sure I typed the link correctly, and my EA account is linked to my PlayStation account.


EDIT: Turns out in the link, it was a captial i instead of a lowercase l.


EDIT EDIT: Now I'm stuck on "Connecting to Online Services..."

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Re: Cannot see my VIP Demo FRIEND PASS

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Hope it worked for me as well...
I'm desperate
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Anthem Friends passes

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Did you guys shutdown the Friend passes?

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Re: Cannot see my VIP Demo FRIEND PASS

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Who cares how old are you? The demo is included as part of the purchase, since you get given this bonus as a pre-order perk right? So for paying for it earlier, you get this.... twice the age but couldn't figure that out?

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Re: Anthem friends pass not working

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Same here

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Re: Cannot see my VIP Demo FRIEND PASS

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yet it was the kids own decision to pre order the game, and then nag about something he has no idea off how hard it is, plus its a demo so they can stress test the servers so now go tell your boyfriend to stop crying. if he doesnt like the game go play minecraft or something don't go crying
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