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Massive lag spikes playing online with a friend

by Darth_Welbz

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Massive lag spikes playing online with a friend

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This is an issue that has plagued me on both Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront 2, I could just only pick one of the games to file the issue under. Firstly i want to make it clear that when I play either of these games on multiplayer on my own my gaming experience is absolutely fine, there is no lag or issues related to it and I am able to enjoy competitive multiplayer matches smoothly. When I invite a friend to my lobby, or join a friend's lobby however, issues start to arise very fast. If I am playing multiplayer on either of the aforementioned games with a friend, and this has happened with more that one friend on multiple occasions and regardless of who is in who's lobby/party, whatever you want to call it, after a maximum of two matches/rounds, the lag for one of us become unplayable. One person of the two will get massive lag spikes and be unable to play the game smoothly, and the longer we play, the worse the lag gets. Both our connections are secure and strong and this does not happen on any other games on Steam, or Uplay etc, just Origin. This happens every single time we have a gaming session, without fail, to the point that we have to keep switching between these two games every two matches to avoid the infuriating lag issues. Any help, resolutions, or even acknowledgement that I am not the only person with this issue would be massively appreciated.

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Re: Massive lag spikes playing online with a friend

Hey @Darth_Welbz


It looks like this is a known issue, and is currently being looked into:


Ping spikes after the Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update #2

  • Platforms Affected: All
  • Status: We have an ongoing initiative where we are trying to get more people to play the game at the same time in these regions to hopefully get things going for them locally so that they can get better ping. If you’re experiencing this, please reach out and let us know what platform and region you’re in.

Hopefully this will be addressed soon, and you and your friend can enjoy the game.


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