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Re: Mass effect andromeda wont launch

by justingirish

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Re: Mass effect andromeda wont launch

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Ive tried turning off defebder and running the program . Still dosent run. The driver is for my Xbox controller. I have to install it
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Re: Mass effect andromeda wont launch

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All my other games run no problem
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Re: Mass effect andromeda wont launch

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@justingirish can you try something?


Click on your Start button in bottom left of your screen.

click on the settings cog

click on 'Time & Language'

Click on 'Region & Language in the left hand column pane.


Set your settings as per the below screenshot, then try launching Mass Effect Andromeda





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Re: Mass effect andromeda wont launch

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hi ive tried this already. dosent do anything. I'm baffled. ive tried everythinmg

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Re: Mass effect andromeda wont launch

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Definitely pretty weird situation. The language thing is like sorcery = it either works or doesn't. In my side of the screen I don't even use UK location. All regional and ui settings are set to Finnish language and I can launch the game.


Here is a checklist how I have setup my Win10:


1) I use local account that is set with admin privileges. I don't use microsoft account

2) I have disabled the UAC

3) I have disabled the Windows Defender

4) I have disabled the Origin overlay from ME:A

5) I have set proper user privileges to the game executable 

6) I have set proper user privileges to the save game folder ( %UserProfile%/Documents/Bioware )

7) I have set proper user privileges to the origin launcher

8) I have disabled the Win10 Creators update's GameMode and microsoft's built in recording functionalities.

9) I've noticed that nVidia FastSync causes some random crashes with MEA. So I've set v-sync from nvcp as "application decides"

10) I have disabled all window built-in apps running from the background

11) Meanwhile playing I'm setting my antivirus software to game mode (actually this happens automatically with avast)

12) I run the origin from my system drive C: and MEA from a SSD drive D:

13) I'm using O&O shutup Win 10 to disable telemetry and unwanted stuff in Win10 (Caution advised with this software - some settings makes windows 10 behave differently eg. you can disable windows update from functioning properly).


ME:A gathers dmp files when crashing (naturally if your win10 user account does not have proper user privileges to the MEA folders it can't write dmp files). Maybe this will reveal something to the game developers. The crash dmp files are located at:

%UserProfile%/Documents/Bioware/Mass Effect Andromeda/Temp


You can use Online Crash Dump Analysis for the dmp files eg. from here:


If you think that there is some kind of conflict on your computer, you could check Win10 Reliability Monitor. Press Win+R from your keyboard and to launch reliability monitor you can write the following command to the "run" -prompt:

perfmon /rel


This should launch the reliability monitor that looks like this:


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