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Re: Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Crashes

by TuxieDuck

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Re: Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Crashes

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I've been having the same problem on my PS4 since the last update - every time I play multiplayer the game suddenly drops out on me.
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Re: Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Crashes

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IOrzhov schrieb:

@morinon wrote:

Related but different issue: I will have the game freeze, music still playing, both screens turn black, then the other screen recovers, and my game is simply black with the music playing.

That sounds like your host crashed and instead of trying to find a new host your game crashed too. Had one of those on monday.

Definitly not! This also occurs, if you are the host of a game. Happened 2 Minutes ago: Apex Mission Gold, End of Wave 6, i have been the host, game freezes and had to kill the task. Very anoying. 


The most deprimated issue is, that ther is no official statement to this error. Seems that the devs are ignoring this. 


I think i will start looking for another game. 

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Re: Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Crashes

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had no problem playing mass effect 3 multiplayer, but this game... 

clearly, there is something wrong with andromeda's net code.

I see all these questions and complaints but no answer from developers.


is there going to be a fix? cuz most of us haven't even unlocked all characters due to the problem we all are facing. I know some hardcore fans who stopped playing the game already... I don't want to join them, so please do something before it is too late


you guys worked hard on this game, its not worth watching people nag about its problems!

most of us don't want a perrrrfect game in all areas, we just wanna have fun, but instead of fun, we are mostly upset because the game crashes every 2 matches...

and we have to wait on the loading screen and MP to load and face the same thing again and again.

you better fix it instead of working on anything else. 


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Re: Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Crashes

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A simple Statement would help us. 


Even if it's something like "We know the issues but the problems are hard to fix. We keep informed" would be very helpful. 


Actual i don't feel treated like a serious customer. 

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Re: Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Crashes

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I can't use multiplayerat all crashes within first 2 mins of match It sucks.

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Re: Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Crashes

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The multiplayer is glitchy beyond belief (at least on a PS4). I seem to get these crashes mid-game (which closes the entire application), it fails to load the Extraction animation, loads of dead enemies remain visible and can take hits.


Not to mention some bad gameplay decisions, like Ascendents (who if are an assassination target, can quickly make you fail a game even on Bronze). Seems like at times (even on Bronze) you can fail due to the random number generator.

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Re: Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Crashes

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As an FYI, we got bored last night and decided to try mp again with borderless window mode and signed out of apex app completely. We were able to play 8 matches with no problems. It is a weird fix and I was skeptical when others posted it but seems to have worked...
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Re: Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Crashes

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Hi, I was having the same issue until yesterday. according to the symptom of the freeze in the multiplayer game, but never in single player. you may think that the problem lie the network connection etc etc but by observing closely,

1. only happen in multiplayer in wave 5 6 7

2. only happen when there are enemies on the map. and more often happen when there a lot of interaction between player and enemies (shooting, melee, power, biotic etc)

3. often happen in silver and gold difficulty more than bronze but at an earlier wave

4. WILL happen even if i set all of the  graphic/ video setting to the minimum (i buy a * 3.3 k us dollar gaming laptop to not play in this pathetic range of graphic)

now to my own unique symptom - freeze every * match even though i am the host

now my spec : PC msi gtx 980m blah blah not importance to the solution according to symptom 4


so u see it is a kind of problem about "memory" "processing power" the sheer amount of the data the computer has to do during the later wave, (I bet that in singleplayer if there is a large amount of the enemy, it would freeze and crash too)


but i have a high end gaming laptop, and a lot of people in this thread have high-end computer, so the question is where is the problem? does my laptop are limited in processing data for the game?(maybe), is there conflicting programe?(unlikely dues to symptom no 1 2) so i do some digging and found that there is this thing call memory leak, a failure in a program to release discarded memory, causing impaired performance or failure, so the google said, it can often happen when u gaming on a TRIPPLE * AAA GAME THAT IS NOT THIS MEA u just have to play the game long enough, 8 hours, 10 hours, whatever


So i research some more and found out that the reason they need to have "free space" in the drive to play the game (MEA IS ABOUT 55GB) is for memory processing and stuff. and i hit the jackpot here, computers ARE programmed to have limited  memory processing for every program, and that this problem do happen with other "lesser" game all u have to do is increase the amount of "virtual memory" it can be used for the * game, AND ONTO THE YOUTUBE I INCREASE MINE TO MATCH THE * SPEC OF 55000MB, and the problem is gone for a day now, BUT FROM MY PREVIOUS SYMPTOM OF HAPPENING EVERY * GAME TO NONE FOR THE PAST 24 HOURS IS * IMPRESSIVE ALREADY


but i am not a computer guy, i am a doctor so i will list all the desperate methods i have tried to make this * game stop crashing in my face every time i am about to finish a mission

apologies for the language, but this is the most frustrating i have been with a computer game since..... ........................ never, THIS * TOP THE * LIST


1. did not send strike team

2. log out and uninstall apex app

3. always be the host

4. uninstall a lot of program that may cause conflict, (the * nahimic sound program of msi have conflict with origin that is why i thnik i need to uninstall all other unnessesary program that may/ probably have effect in memry using/ graphic, for me i install msi true color, steel engine etc etc but i am not sure if this help. u can let this step be last thing u try)

5. set static ip address

6. update nvdia driver and install geforce experience and use it to launch the game which optimize the game for performance 

7. update and  fix the game in origin 

8.stop my computer from overclocking the easy way, by changing the setting in maximum processor state in processor power management from the advance power option, changed it from 100 percent to 95 percent

9. close chrome, steam, skype, etc while playing the * game

10. increase virtual memory to 55000mb from around 2900mb


what i never do because seriously how can it * help

1. reinstall origin

2. reinstall mass effect andromeda

3. reinstall window

4. upgrade to digital defuck your face edition

 now i just need to undo what i have done one by one to see that which one doesnt help the crash


anyway great game though, i really love this game, that is why i care so much about this. though i must say that it is like a * up relationship that you have to hate-* your partner to keep the relationship going

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Re: Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Crashes

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It behaves the same way on console. Usually it crashes on 7th round of multiplayer, exits without any error messages and I end up in XBox's main menu.

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Re: Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Crashes

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Same issue ps4
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