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Major Lag

by demanspeed

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Major Lag

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People are literally freezing frames as I get into combat. It’s an unplayable experience.  I have gigabit internet speeds. The game has been out for 9 months. Why is this still an issue?  

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Re: Major Lag

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Me too. This is an issue for me with server prediction. I monitor my latency with another program since Apex doesn't have real-time latency information just symbols. I'm shown to have 30ms in that app, and Apex keeps showing a prediction error,  has never been an issue for me until season 3. Now the game feels unplayable. Terrible net code.

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Re: Major Lag

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I don’t want to sound like a hater. I actually really enjoy this game when it’s working. But come on man, why is this a thing still? Spent all this time actually making, balancing and refining this game only to have server issues still persist almost a year into its release. Is this out of Respawns hands?  Do they even care?  Is this related to the game engine?  Just seems like a lot of work went into this game and it’s being ruined by server issues. When I consider a game good, I look at all facets, including what’s on the back end connecting people to the experience they have created.  

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