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Re: Major Lag issues

by EA_Blueberry

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Major Lag issues

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As the title says, I am having major lag issues which is occurring each game regardless of server number or game mode. I play on Xbox and this issue has been noted by a number of battlefield players.


I have constant lag issues even though I'm running on 50 ping. Flying a plane is high risk over reward as you need know when in the middle of a dogfight youre plane will decide to throw itself 20metres in any direction causing you to have to realign with the enemy aircraft which could allow them enough time to bail out or worse vertically flat drop while strafing causing you to slide across the ground and crash.


On the ground, running up stairs feels like being on a stairmaster as you continually run back down no matter what you do and the constant treadmill (rubber banding) action is less than desired.


Before questions begin being raised in regards to my ISP, my connection is solid and operating at 50mbps with 6ms latency. Which does not cause me issues with other Battlefield titles, my only assessment would be the servers running BFV are having issues.


This is not a unique issue as it is quite common amongst many battlefield players as first mentioned. Please have a look into this issue as reoccurring lag issues is a problem we have been seeing since launch.


On a final note, I love this game and this franchise. I only wish to see it improve.

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Re: Major Lag issues

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Thank you for the feedback and we'll make sure the team is aware of these type of reports.

What region are you from and are you getting lag in specific game modes? Any specific troubleshooting you've attempted at all that you can list? We're always here to help troubleshoot with you too if you are open to testing out some things to see if it improves for you in game. I know it's not easy to win or have fun in general when there's major lag.



Basic Connection Troubleshooting


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