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Madden NFL 19 (PC): Turn off Ingame Voice Chat?

by stookas

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Re: Madden NFL 19 (PC): Turn off Ingame Voice Chat?

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having to change the default recording device on a pc is not a solution to this problem...add in a way to turn off the voice chat completely would. i'm trying to chat with my friends via ts or discord while playing and when i go against random people i dont want to hear them breathing or just screaming for 15-20 minutes so i have to completely shut off my headset which is my only option due to poor design. the games been out over a month and the problem still hasnt been fixed?

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Mute Ingame Voice

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since a few topics with the same problem are marked as solved, but there isnt a solution i need to ask.
how can i mute the ingame voice? Ingame there are no settings to turn it off. Even if i turn off the microphone on origin settings or bind a push to talk key.
This is a big data privacy issue in my opinion. So i hope you can help me and provide a real solution.

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Can we Please mute opponents on MUT PC?

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Why isnt this a feature, I dont enjoy getting racist slurs every game and what-not.... can you please let us police our game EA?  It is really detracting from my experience and will probably rescind my origin premier access if this isnt dealt with. 

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