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Re: Missing solo battles

by nanobilo

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Re: Missing solo battles

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EA up and forgot to update the Solo Challenges, ha. It seems like EA forgot a bunch of stuff when it came to this Madden. This game is a joke. Usually I'd be mad about something like this, but it's not even surprising any more.
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Solo battle grant packs

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I did not receive the customer service grant packs from the support team yesterday. I feel this issue should be resolved, feel free to search my account and see I'm not looking for extra handouts

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Re: Missing solo battles

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I didn't received my rewards yesterday and I was at ultimate level. I played all week long and I'd like to know if EA has a problem??

Thx for answering.


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Re: Missing solo battles

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No worries and sorry for the trouble! If you didn't receive your rewards please contact our Live-Support team so they can pull up your account to verify they were never received.

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Re: Missing solo battles

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EA gave me my rewards 3 days after the normal date so the problem is solved. It's cool from them!! Wink

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