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Re: Madden 19 laggers

by EA_Barry

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Madden 19 laggers

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What will EA do about individuals who cheat by lagging the game? I continually have slow gameplay when I'm on offense or when It's a critical down. If I start moving the ball on offense against a lagger they start to lag the game in order to take advantage. It sucks and makes for a miserable game. Also, the gameplay is sometimes unrealistic, can EA explain how a defender can intercept a ball with his back to the ball or how a defender can somehow run across the field to intercept a ball that is on the opposite sideline. Better how can a defensive end who runs a  5.0 forty in real life catch a scrambling QB who has a 4.4 speed. Madden at times is so unrealistic that I could not count the times that I have lost games on weird AI actions. EA in a real football field a linebacker cannot cover his passing zones and have the ability to get downfield and knock down a deep pass. I suggest that EA spend a couple of those millions on real AI movement. Also if a defensive back is covering a deep route 20yds down the field he should have the ability to come up and stop the run at the line of scrimmage. QB's should have the ability to release the ball as soon as the button is tapped and what is with the excessive floating of the ball directly into another defenders area when the QB is not even throwing in that direction. If you are going to make it hard to run the ball you should make it equally hard for defensive players to cover the field. The algorithm that is currently in place for those who keep a winning streak is horrible, after the 3rd or 4th win the team can do nothing at all and you give the opposing team an easy win. There is so much that needs to be improved but there is also a lot that I enjoy...Please do something about laggers and cheaters and the  unrealistic gameplay.

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Re: Madden 19 laggers

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Obviously not an ideal situation but we do take action against unfair play whenever we can.


If you suspect a player may be playing unfairly you can use the steps detailed at the following link to report them.


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