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Madden 19 freezing/crashing constantly

by hskblackout007

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Madden 19 freezing/crashing constantly

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Whenever I finish a challenge in MUT or a part of long shot it doesn’t go to the end game screen or the next cutscene. The camera just pans over to the sideline and doesn’t let me continue 

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Re: Madden 19 freezing/crashing constantly

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Today's server maintenance has just finished, can you let us know if this is resolved?



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Re: Madden 19 freezing/crashing constantly

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Nope, spent the whole trial on the franchise instead of playing MUT, because it was impossible. So, I couldn’t tell you if it’s fixed. Will I have to wait till Monday now??
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Re: Madden 19 freezing/crashing constantly

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No it’s not fixed

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EA Access games

★★★★ Novice

So I recently just downloaded EA access and some of the games freeze either on the loading screen or during gameplay. For an example i have been playing NBA live 18 with no issues but when i try to download Need for Speed it freezes during the first loading screen and battlefield 1 freezes during gameplay. Also, i was able to play the new madden trial the first day but now every time i go to the story mode longshot it freezes while loading and it turns my consol off after been frozen for a while or if i exit out and try to go to another app or game.I have already uninstalled  EA Access and hard reset my consol as well. Don't have any issues with any other games but the EA access ones.  Any solutions?

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Madden 19 trial freezes

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My trial for Madden 19 works, up until the point where the game is loading..then it freezes and redirects me to my Xbox home screen. Happens in all modes (franchise, exhibition, etc..) How do you fix this? Uninstall and re-install?

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Re: Madden 19 trial freezes

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Me as well idk how to fix it i tried everything
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Re: Madden 19 freezing/crashing constantly

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I run a FREE PRIZE LG for Madden CFM. Madden 19 has bee the WORST ever with CRASHING, DE-SYNC etc.

What is wrong? Can you fix this PLEASE? My lg has to sim damn near every game because we can't complete a game.

Rosters are FINE

Settings are FINE
Not Custom Playbooks


Why is this happening? I damn near want a refund and was almost done with Madden on EA and this has almost madden it a certainty.

I hope to hear something from you soon!!!

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