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Re: MUT Rewards

by EA_Blueberry

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MUT Rewards

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So I’ve been sent here to talk to the specialist team as the chat advisor said they are here about the mut rewards im sitting on 3300 packs opened with legendary status and still no rewards while everyone else was getting them so what can be done?


ps posted below is the screenshot of the rewards on todays date of june 21st 2019 since they said to me if i give them false info i can have my account suspended or deleted

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Re: MUT Rewards

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@djpj16 Just a heads up to everyone i chatted with a advisor yesterday about these rewards which i still haven’t gotten, he tells me i need to play 3 years of madden before im eligible to get such rewards, after talking to streamers and youtubers via twitter and their twitch chat they have told me there is no such thing as having to play the game for 3 years just to get rewards
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Re: MUT Rewards

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There are Madden "loyalty" rewards which are granted to accounts that have played past Madden titles. The Madden rewards based off the amount of packs you've opened is a different reward program. If you feel you didn't get those rewards for the month, reach out to our Live-Support team so they can pull up your account to verify. It's possible the last Advisor confused the loyalty rewards to the Madden rewards, our apologies ahead of time.


Click here to contact an EA Advisor


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