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Low performance in the latest maps released

by iSharKoSanty

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Low performance in the latest maps released

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Product: Battlefield 1
Summarize your bug Currently I have a low performance in BF1 in the latest maps released especially Zeebrugge, Passchendaele and Caporetto. Game a + 60FPS in conquest (64p) in all base maps, TSNP, In Name of The Sar, Achi Baba, Cape Hells and Heligoland Bight. But in Zeebrugge and DLC Apocalypse the FPS goes down to 45, 50, 55FPS with a high CPU usage that reaches 97% of use. (The normal usage I have on other maps is 75% to 85% CPU usage) The performance is the same even when you are on the display screen watching the entire map.
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? In conquest of 64 players. In Zeebrugge and Passchendaele the performance is always low, especially in Zeebrugge (which I do not understand why closed maps with a lot of action like Argonne Forest, Amiens and Fort De Vaux go well in performance) The case of Caporetto is strange sometimes I have +60 stable and then I play another game the same day in Caporetto, but this time the FPS are at 49, 50, 55 FPS.
What happens when the bug occurs? Low FPS that does not go up or on the screen where we deploy the soldier
Please select your region North America
In what game mode did the bug occur? Conquest
AMD or Nvidia Model Number Rx 460
Enter RAM memory size in GB 4Gb Gddr5

I do not think it's my PC I have playing BF1 since the launch and I have a premium and the performance was always good over the + 60FPS in conquest (64p)


Zeebrugge Low FPS 1

Zebu Low FPS.png


Zeebrugge Low FPS 2

Zebugree low FPS2.png


Caporetto 48FPS

Capo 48FPS.png


Caporetto with good performance 60FPS

Capo Good FPS.png


These two last images are of conquest 64 players in other DLC or base maps where the performance is good 60FPS




Server 1.jpg


I hope this helps improve performance



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