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Low Level Players in Grandmaster 1+

by AceEliteSniper

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Low Level Players in Grandmaster 1+

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I lone wolf everything, so I am partnered with 3 random players. On occasion there will be player level 5-29 in the party. Like WTF?!?! I'm in grandmaster 1 playing  for some loot and coins (in either legendary contract or stronghold) and i have a low level player dying every 10 seconds. This needs a fix! I think the low level players are in a party with a lvl 30 player and somehow are getting through the lock system.

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Re: Low Level Players in Grandmaster 1+

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Some sort of match making would help. It is actually frustrating to not being able to rely on a teammate because they are not adequately geared. They keep dying, then eventually you, and then reset. And then everything repeats until you get tired and quit the instance.


I get why these players are doing this. But not all people are willing to carry them and not all the time.

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Re: Low Level Players in Grandmaster 1+

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if there was another player who was lv 30, then they would have been brought in by a friend. or could have had a friend bring them in an then left.

party leader who is lv 30 has ability to take people who are not 30 into missions that are grandmaster
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