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Low GPU usage and Core clocks drops ingame

by Mowgl13

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Low GPU usage and Core clocks drops ingame

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Hi, I have the following equipment

Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Ryzen 5 2600
Memory: 16 GB - DDR4 3000MHZ
Graphics card: RX 5600XT 20.9.1 drivers without adrenalin

I have the game installed on a Samsung EVO 970 nvme ssd

My launch options are as follows:

-novid -fullscreen + fps_max 144 -high -preload  

Energy management plan in windows is set to AMD Balanced


The problem that I have exactly is that while I'm in the lobby or firing range, the graphics works at 100%, at 1700mhz + - and everything seems to be going well, but when I start playing, the use of the gpu drops to 50%, 70% or less (more or less randomly), and also the mhz of the graph clock also drops even to 400mhz, which causes me brutal fps drops in some cases and stuttering in others, in which even having 140fps, I notice the I * game as if I were playing at 20 fps.

All caused by these drops in use and mhz.


Say that I have the drivers and windows updated to the latest versions. And also it only happens to me in the apex, any other game / benchmark works perfectly and performing as it should.


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Re: Low GPU usage and Core clocks drops ingame

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Hey @Mowgl13,

please complete your start options with this: -dev

Otherwise some arguments like -novid doesen't work.


Please improve your resolution/grafic settings ingame to put more load on GPU. If your resolution ingame is to low, you'll run into CPU limit like this.

Maybe a setting in your driver is causing this as well: Disable "Radeon Chill".


One more tipp: use +fps_max 0 and cap with grafic driver or a tool like rivia tuner statistic server (RTSS).

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Re: Low GPU usage and Core clocks drops ingame

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Thank you, but I'm still having these issues, in any other game my gpu works properly but in Apex the performance is awful.

In the firing range and the lobby, the performance is perfect, mhz at 1700 and gpu usage at 100%

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