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Re: Low FPS on the loading screen.

by LolisWantMyMoney

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Low FPS on the loading screen.

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When I launch Apex Legends it works normally but the fps becomes very low on the loading screen (first one) and then when I enter the lobby,my level isn't there and my name is player then it kicks me out and says error Connection to server timed out...... but after that I enter the game normally and it works, my game works and I can play, but it takes so much time at the beginning to enter the game, any fixes? or what may be causing this?

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Re: Low FPS on the loading screen.

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Bro this happened to me this week in the morning about three consecutive times in a row.. after that it just dissappeared.. I'm on a 4g modem and notices my signal bar was like 2/5 so maybe that caused my issue
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Re: Low FPS on the loading screen.

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This is quite annoying... I usually am at 100fps and i drop to 30 maximum when in the loading screen/skydiving. My wifi is perfectly fine and my pc isn't overheating.

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