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Lost significat progress after update.

by CAPTFrag101

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Lost significat progress after update.

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    So after the last update I have lost about 2 months worth of progress on my account.  Including dozen or more unlocked characters, and about 12 profile levels.  I was getting close to being able to do the: have 5 ewoks or clone troopers (which was alot of work to do) Is there way to retreave a back up for me, from a couple weeks ago or something? 




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Re: Lost significat progress after update.

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Hi @CAPTFrag101,

There isn't a way for that, all progress is recorded in real time. If you're missing content, please connect with our support team on this so they can check your logs and take it from there.

To get in contact, please send in a help ticket from inside your game by heading to Settings > Help > (scroll down and click) Contact us > Fill out the categories > Contact options.

The following categories may be the most applicable here:
- Topic: missing content
- Issue: Had content and lost it

- EA_Lanna


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